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A birth story podcast filled with encouraging birth stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness that will break fear and fill you with excitement for your own beautiful birth with God!
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Sep 2, 2019

During her fourth pregnancy, the Lord told Libby He had something different for her in this birth. A VBAC after three C-sections! Though she didn’t know many stories of women doing this, she trusted the Lord’s leading and found a doctor willing to assist her with a VBAC.


Throughout her pregnancy, God helped her overcome her fears and met her each step of the way. He then gave her a surprising and beautiful birth story and VBAC! Though it didn’t go exactly how she had planned it, the Lord had something even better in store for her and touched many lives through their story. As she shares in this episode, “He had every detail worked out even before the foundation of the world.” I pray you are so encouraged by Libby’s fun and beautiful story!


You can connect with Libby on Instagram at libbyann822


And here are the resources we talked about:– a great place to find info on vbac after multiple c sections

Facebook support groups – especially Journey to VBAC.

Brave, Beautiful Birth – A great book on trusting God through VBAC

Jamie Schrock’s Podcast episode of her VBAC with God after 3 C-sections

Break Free From Worry – my online class to help you get free from fears and anxieties that you just can’t seem to break.

How We Trained Our Baby to Sleep Through the Night – my new mp3 recording where I share step by step details of how we trained our 4-month-old to sleep through the night.

May 6, 2019

“Joy” was the word the Lord gave Brittany as she prayed about her upcoming birth, and He truly delivered on His word. Her labor was filled with His joy, laughter, community, and fun surprises. She truly experienced the gift that God created childbirth to be and I pray that her story gets your heart excited for your own beautiful birth with God!

You can connect with Brittany on her blog at or you can email her at


Here are the resources she talked about:

Her blog where you can read about her healing miracle and finding out she was pregnant!

Supernatural Childbirth

Prayers and Promises for Supernatural Childbirth

My Online Kingdom Childbirth Class

And here is our new Break Free from Worry Course! Find life-changing freedom from worry, anxiety, and fear so that you can ENJOY this journey of motherhood and the GIFT God created it to be!


I pray that these resources and Brittany’s story encourage you deeply today!


Much love,


Mar 30, 2019

When Amy prayed about her upcoming birth, she heard the Lord say “It’s going to be a good birth.”


She clung to those words even when things didn’t all go as planned or hoped. And His word proved true! It truly was a really good birth!


I love how her story encourages us that hospital births can be good births! That long births can be good births! And so much more!

You can connect with Amy at – her blog where she writes on motherhood, prayer, and life. Or at or



And here are the resources we talked about on the show:


Books: Psalm 23 board book

Natural Hospital Birth: The Best of Both Worlds

A Good Birth

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

The Birth Partner

The Best Birth

Birthing From Within

Great With Child

Easing Labor Pain



Other resources:

Amy's Natural Hospital Birth Plan Template

My Top 8 Ways to Prevent Tearing During Childbirth

Amy’s Packing List

My online Kingdom Childbirth Class

Find a Like-Minded Doula or Midwife

Methyl Folate & a Prenatal with methylated folate



I pray you are so encouraged by Amy’s story and resources!




Jan 10, 2019

Abby was believing God for a supernatural, pain-free birth and even though the birth didn’t go as planned, He answered her prayers in a way she never expected – with a pain-free C-section!


You can connect with Abby at and here are the  resources we talked about on the show:


My Online Kingdom Childbirth Class – the class Abby took to prepare for her amazing birth.


What is God’s Heart for your Birth?  – A video that helped Abby prepare for the birth and hear God’s words for her birth to hold on to.


Audrey Assad – the music she listened to in the room as they performed the C-section


Spirit-Led Parenting – A book to empower you to let God lead your parenting decisions during the first year and to set you free from anxiety.


The Practice of Rest by Graham Cook – Abby listened to this during the pregnancy as she sought to enter God’s rest and prepare for the birth with Him.


Understanding Your Fertility Class: Natural Prevent and Conception – My online class that empowers you to understand your cycle and partner with God’s perfect design to naturally prevent or try for conception.


I pray you are so blessed by Abby’s story and all of these resources!


Much Love,