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A birth story podcast filled with encouraging birth stories of God’s goodness and faithfulness that will break fear and fill you with excitement for your own beautiful birth with God!
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Nov 24, 2018

Throughout her pregnancy, Emily shared with the Lord her desires for her birth, followed His leading, and then went into labor trusting in His goodness and with open hands. He met her in such a beautiful way and she experienced a beautiful, presence-filled, pain-free birth! Your heart and faith will be encouraged and inspired by her beautiful story!

You can connect with Emily at or on Facebook or Instagram as Emily Koopman. 

Here are the resources we talked about on the show:

Kingdom Childbirth Class: My online birth class that Emily took to prepare her mind and spirit for a beautiful birth with God!

Supernatural Childbirth Audiobook: An audiobook that Emily listened to as she prepared spiritually for her birth.

Mommy Baby Soaking Album: An album full of life-giving Scriptures to peaceful background music that you can soak to with baby during the postpartum time to stay connected to God's heart and truth!

I pray this episode and these resources encourage your heart and prepare you for your own beautiful birth with God!

Much love,


Sep 28, 2018

I’m so excited to share our recent birth story with you! I had asked God for an easy, daytime, two-hour labor filled with laughter, and He answered every one of my prayers! Truly every part of this birth was such a gift from Him and I was in awe afterward of how He showed up.

I pray that my story encourages your heart to know that birth doesn’t have to be full of toil and labor, but that with God, it truly can be full of ease, joy, and peace.  He is a good, good Father who will meet you in your own unique way during your own birth and give you exactly what you need!

Here are the resources I talked about on the show:

Hope and God’s Goodness in the Midst of our Miscarriage

How to Create a Heavenly Atmosphere for your Birth – In this video, I give you a little tour of our bedroom to show you how I decorated the room to invite the presence and peace of God into our homebirth!

Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album

Tips for Waiting with Joy as You Near or Pass Your Due Date

Whole Tones – This is the amazing healing instrumental music I used for my labor playlist. I also use their Life, Love, and Lullabies album to help my kids and baby fall asleep at night!

Shadow Step by Hillsong – This was my favorite worship song on my labor playlist!

Mommy Baby Soaking Album – A great album to soak to during the postpartum time to help you stay connected to God’s heart and Word!

Birth of Sloane – A great birth video to watch with your husband to prepare for labor together and give him ideas of how to support you through the labor! My husband and I watched this one a few times leading up to our birth.

To your beautiful birth,



Aug 29, 2018

Even though everything didn’t go as planned in this birth, I love how LiAnne and her husband were able to stay in God’s joy and peace through the whole thing and still love their birth experience. Their joy was a testimony to the hospital staff and Jesus was so glorified in this birth!


I pray that her story empowers you to remain in God’s joy and peace throughout your own labor and birth even if certain things don’t go as you planned or prayed for. And that you too will be able to birth your baby in God’s joy and presence no matter what twists and turns come your way!


You can connect with LiAnne at or on Facebook and here are the resources she talked about:


Nurture in the Womb:


Baby Blessings :


To your beautiful birth,


Aug 4, 2018

As Tonia prepared for a VBAC, she soaked in God’s word and pressed in to understand His heart and promises for childbirth. His promises proved true for her as she experienced a wonderful, quick, VBAC filled with worship and God’s presence. The baby came so easily and quickly at the end that she didn’t even realize she had birthed him yet! May your heart be so encouraged by her testimony and story!
    You can connect with Tonia on Instagram @toniajody or email us at to email her. 
    And here are the resources we talked about:
    Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album – the album that Tonia listened to throughout her pregnancy to get grounded in God’s word for her birth. This album has all the scriptures on it that she mentions on the show that were pivotal for her as she prepared her heart and mind.
    Kingdom Childbirth Class – the album Tonia listened to is included in this class, as well as so many other resources and teaching videos to fully prepare you to experience the GIFT that God created childbirth to be!
Tonia’s Playlist:

Holy Spirit You are welcome here -- Cathy Burton

Lord I lift Your Name on high (live) -- Donnie McClurkin

In Christ Alone -- Keith & Kristyn Getty

Mighty to save -- Cathy Burton

Here I am to worship --William McDowell

Redeemer -- Nicole C. Mullen

All about You -- Anita Wilson

My God is awesome -- C.T. Townsend & Becky Townsend
    Kierra Blaser
    Birth Doula
    Kingdom Childbirth Classes <>

Jun 29, 2018
After struggling with fertility issues for a year, the Lord healed Andie and gave her an amazing pregnancy! She was asking and believing for a supernatural birth and even though complications came up and things didn’t quite go as she had planned, the Lord absolutely gave her the supernatural birth she had prayed for! I pray your heart is so encouraged by this story and the reminder that God shows up at all types of births, at all locations, even when things don’t go as planned. He will be with you no matter what and you may encounter His goodness and presence in surprising ways! You can connect with Andie at and here are the resources we talked about: Holy Spirit Relaxation Album Supernatural Childbirth Kingdom Childbirth Class - Andie recommended taking a childbirth class to make sure you are prepared to really understand the labor process and how to work with it. If you would like to take a childbirth class that approaches the labor process from God’s perspective and includes Him in the class, you can check out my online Kingdom Childbirth Class! Understanding Your Fertility Class: Natural Conception and Prevention Beautiful Mugs to support this podcast! Blessings, Kierra
Jun 5, 2018
As Erica prepared for her first birth, she spent a lot of time releasing fears to God and renewing her mind with His truth. She spent time preparing physically, mentally, and spiritually for the birth. And all her preparation paid off with a beautiful birth center birth filled with God’s presence and faithfulness. I love how God met her in so many personal and beautiful ways throughout the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. And I pray her testimonies encourage you as you pray for your own testimonies and desires for your birth journey! You can connect with Erica at and here are the resources we talked about on the show: Kingdom Birth Class: The class that Erica and her husband took to prepare naturally and spiritually for their birth and to be empowered with tools to help them renew their minds to view birth as God views it. This class comes with the Birth Declarations & Scriptures that Erica used to renew her mind. Holy Spirit Relaxation Album: A whole album filled with birth declarations, Scriptures, exercises, and encounters to help you renew your mind and prepare for a beautiful birth with God. This album is also included in the Kingdom Birth Class. Supernatural Childbirth Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth Doula – Erica recommends finding a doula and you can find a list of Kingdom-minded doulas at this link! (And if you know a doula I should add to this list, let me know!) Erica Ziel’s Knocked-Up Fitness Bless you on your own beautiful birth journey! Kierra :)
May 3, 2018
After a quick first birth, Whitney expected her second birth to be quick as well. But as labor continued much longer than she anticipated, she had a choice to get discouraged or to keep her eyes focused on Jesus and surrender to His plan for this birth. As she chose to stay focused on Him and His promises to her, she experienced such a peaceful, beautiful, redemptive birth with Him in which He restored so much in her life. May Whitney’s story inspire you to stay focused on Jesus no matter what unexpected turns or delays your labor takes! God is faithful and He has a perfect plan for your birth if you will surrender to Him and choose to stay in trust and peace. You can connect with Whitney at And here are the resources we talked about: Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album Kingdom Childbirth Class Sacramento Kingdom Childbirth Class – I’m teaching this live out of our home on May 19th, 2018! You can support this podcast by purchasing one of our beautiful mugs at this link! To your beautiful birth, Kierra
Mar 29, 2018
Logan shares about her Spirit-led, pain-free, joy-filled second birth and the ways she prepared for it that led to her beautiful experience. I pray you are so empowered by the tips she shares and that your heart is so encouraged to believe for your own beautiful birth! Truly, God created childbirth to be a gift for us to enjoy! And Logan got to experience the beauty of that gift! You can connect with Logan at and here links to the resources we talked about: My Online Kingdom Childbirth Class - the class that made such a difference in Logan's second birth verses her first. A class that partners the natural with the spiritual to empower you for a beautiful birth with God! Back Labor No More - the book that helped her understand where back labor comes from and how to help prevent it for her second birth. My Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album: The album she used to practice relaxing each muscle of her body with Holy Spirit during pregnancy so that she would know how to fully relax during labor. You can purchase this album here, but it also comes with my Kingdom Childbirth Class when you join the class! Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way - A book that helped her learn how to practice relaxation throughout her pregnancy so that she would know how to fully relax during contractions. Find a Like-Minded Doula - Logan and I highly recommend hiring a doula for your birth. They can make such a HUGE difference in your comfort level, the length of labor, and the outcomes of your birth. You can search for a like-minded doula in your area at this link. Bless you Mama! I pray you are so blessed by Logan's testimony and all of these resources! Love, Kierra *this post contains some affiliate links :)
Feb 17, 2018
May you be so encouraged as my husband and I share our second birth story - our Heavenly Birth! I enjoyed this labor so much that I almost didn't want it to end. I could feel God's sweet presence and love washing over me in wave after wave throughout the entire labor. All I could keep saying was, "Wow, this feels so good! I just love this!" I truly experienced the gift that God created childbirth to be for us! We are not under a curse in childbearing. We are under His blessing and love and covering now! Here is a link to the Kingdom Childbirth Class we talked about. A class that prepares you naturally and spiritually for a beautiful birth with God! And here is a link to my favorite books and resources for pregnancy and birth. To your beautiful birth, Kierra  
Jan 31, 2018
Kayleigh's wonderful homebirth was saturated with the sweet presence of God, His love and goodness. When the contractions started to feel painful part way through the labor, her husband took authority over them, commanding them to come in line with the Word of God and to contract without pain. The pain immediately left and Kayleigh received a beautiful pain-free birth. I pray your heart is so encouraged by her story! You can connect with Kayleigh at or And here are some of the resources we talked about: Happy Good Friday (And what it means for your birth!) - My blog post that started Kayleigh's conversation with God about having a supernatural, pain-free birth! Help! How do I stay connected to God during this crazy postpartum time? - A blog post to help you stay connected to God and His joy and peace during this crazy time. Like Kayleigh shares, the postpartum times is often the hardest part of birth. But God wants to carry you through it in His love and goodness! Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album - An album full of the Scriptures and birth declarations that Kayleigh used as she prepared for her birth and renewed her mind to be in line with God's truth. She also put some of these Scriptures and Declarations up in the room she was laboring in. Kingdom Childbirth Class - My birth class that fully prepares you for a beautiful birth with God! I prepare you naturally and spiritually to birth you baby in God's joy and presence. This class also includes the Holy Spirit Labor Relaxation Album listed above. Come join us! To your beautiful birth, Kierra